Cable Industry


SA864G phlogopite mica tape

Phlogopite Mica Tape is used for the construction of fireproof cables and is made by gluing Phlogopite mica paper with very flexible and easy to wrap backing materials on very tight conductors. They are suitable for use where high temperature insulation is specified


SRGCT & FRGT varnished tape

SRGCT (silicone rubber glass tape) is a silicone rubber coated on glass cloth and used in the edge cord.


Calcined muscovite mica tape SR864G

Muscovite mica tape is used for fireproof cable construction and is made by gluing muscovite mica paper with very flexible and easy-to-wrap backing materials onto tight conductors.

AL Tape & AL Slot shielding tape

They are flexible tapes made with aluminum foil or copper foil laminated with a polyester film.


Phlogopite mica tape for special applications SA865GM & SA864E

Tape is a product made by bonding glass reinforcement material, inorganic powder and soft mica polyethylene film using a silicone adhesive with excellent high temperature resistance.