Through continuous research and the development process, SWECO is committed to creating innovative products that meet sustainability.

About us

- Passion and hard work -

Sweco is made up of excellent technical staff and advanced research facilities. It holds numerous UL standards and patents, including ISO/IATF certification. We are also an insulating materials company that proliferates thanks to a strict quality control that constantly meets international industry standards.


SWECO is developing high-quality insulators, improving performance and reducing costs.

Our Products

Automotive Industry

The IATF 16949 certified automotive insulation materials we produce are used in first choice insulating motors, EV batteries, power cables and converters

Heavy Electrical Industry

Production of insulation materials for primary insulation, cable insulation and a slit wedge, all with excellent electrical properties and durability on all fronts

Cable industry

We provide protection to the power control system, preventing fires, producing mica and aluminum tapes that make the wires fireproof


Using a heat-resistant adhesive tape to apply a plasma coating, this is called high-temperature masking


Nomex, PI Film, PET Film

SWECO has always been committed to the growth of your business